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Kiara' Favourite Biscuits With Free Mobilla Neckband Gift
Kiara' Favourite Biscuits
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Introducing the Kiara Pack, a delectable assortment featuring 11 flavors of Kiara's biscuits. Each pack offers a unique taste experience, ranging from the indulgent Puff Creme varieties to the classic Butter Bite and the exotic Italiano and Digestive biscuits, all available at affordable price.

Kiara Pack Contain:

Pack Of 11 Kiara' Biscuits with Free Mobilla

1 Flavour for each

  • Puff Creme Chocolate flavour
  • Puff Creme Strawberry flavour
  • Puff Creme Tangy Lemon flavour
  • Butter Bite Normal 20/25/30
  • Butter Bite Cashew 20/25/30
  • Butter Bite Badam Pista 20/25/30
  • Big Gold 20/25/30
  • Italiano Chocolate flavour ATC
  • Italiano Butter flavour ATC
  • Italiano Coconut flavour ATC
  • Digestive ATC
  • Free Mobilla Neckband

Packaging Type : Pack

Country Of Origin : India

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